Kris Lassen

A Hybrid Approach to Price Action Breakouts

A Talk by Kris Lassen (LizardTrader)

About this Talk

As traders, we want to evaluate our winning percentages, i.e. the average winner vs. the average looser. Trend following systems generally have disproportionate high percentage of loosing vs. winning trades, whereas counter trend systems have it the other way around, with the occasional large (wipeout) losses. A hybrid approach attempts to minimize the drawbacks of both trend and counter-trend systems, entering during trend pullbacks rather than on breakouts. Join us for this webinar for A Hybrid Approach to Price Action Breakouts.

We will discuss:

  • How to locate objective price action levels
  • What the VWAP and Efficiency Ratio can tell us about market bias
  • When and where to look for possible retracement entries

24 August 2023, 04:00 PM

04:00 PM - 05:00 PM

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Kris Lassen

Kris Lassen