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Hi Traders, My name is Eddie . I have been trading the futures markets for 20 years. So much has changed since the Dot Comm days. Values are at record highs, the internet is faster and funding companies can stop you from losing big money during your effort to learn the craft of trading. Auto and assisted trade executing systems like BlackBird are now available and can make better, faster entries than manual mouse clicking.

One thing that has not changed is price action. In 20 years of trading I have found that the best way to trade is by buying or shorting price pullbacks within the current trend.

EdsRetracePlan shows you on one chart and in graphic easy to see detail, exactly when to look for longs and when to look for shorts and when to enter that long or short on a pullback. By adding Blackbird, my trades can now be auto and semi auto executed.

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BlackBird Auto Executions from EdsRetracePlan Trade Signals

23 August 2023, 12:00 PM
Eddie Small